Mobile Refrigeration
Cooler Trailers

We rent mobile refrigeration available in different sizes for festivals, events, private parties, government, food distribution, agriculture, and large institutions. We have rental locations across Western Canada and the Pacific Northwest


Our Fleet

6×8 Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 3500lb axle, 1000lbs Payload, 300 ft3 capacity, holds 1-2 pallets.

6×12 Tandem Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 3500lb axles, 4200lbs Payload, 350 ft3 capacity, holds 2-3

7×12 Tandem Specs: 6’6”H 6’6” W, 5000lb axles, 6500lbs Payload, 480 ft3 capacity, holds 2-3 pallets

6×16 HD Tandem Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 5000lb Axles, 5500lbs payload, PVC Curtains 500 ft3
capacity, holds 3-4 pallets.