CoolerTrailers.ca provides convenient mobile refrigeration solutions for farm, business and government.  We operate in British Columbia serving the Lower Mainland, East, Central and Southern interior regions.

We rent refrigerated “cooler” trailers to a variety of clients including, ranchers, orchardists, garden farmers, food transport companies, food processors, bio-med, food banks and many more. 

Providing exceptional customer service is our calling card. That means that you can always depend on us for fast reliable friendly service. Furthermore, we only provide the best equipment and products to ensure the best possible outcome for our customers.

We also provide 24/7 Emergency Support for all customers. Safe storage of your perishable products is our number one priority.

Interested in owning your own cooler trailer? Contact our friends at CoolCorp.ca

BC Locations: Langley – Lower Mainland, Kamloops – Thompson Nicola, Vernon – North Okanagan, Penticton – South Okanagan and Head Office

6×8 Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 3500lb axle, 1000lbs Payload, 300 ft3 capacity, holds 1-2 pallets.

6×12 Tandem Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 3500lb axles, 4200lbs Payload, 350 ft3 capacity, holds 2-3

7×12 Tandem Specs: 6’6”H 6’6” W, 5000lb axles, 6500lbs Payload, 480 ft3 capacity, holds 2-3 pallets

6×16 HD Tandem Specs: 6’6 inside walls, 5000lb Axles, 5500lbs payload, PVC Curtains 500 ft3
capacity, holds 3-4 pallets.